Gregoire Poitevin
Gregoire Poitevin
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About Me

Born in France, Normandy, 1981 - Now living in China - Shanghai.
Mix technics painting, collages... Experimenting on various supports from canvas and paper to acrylic or wooden panels, photos... After a red and green period in Japan, being back to China influence my palette, back to the blue and orange I was using when in Beijing in 2006-2007

Keywords central to my art:
- accident
- frame
- serial
- movement
- expression
- story telling
- before & after (perception by audience vs. act of creation)


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 October 2009: Gallery Le Deco, Tokyo, Shibuya
 April 2010: 57, Tokyo, Roppongi
 June 2010: Sakaiki, Tokyo, Shinjuku
 November-December 2011: Derori, Tokyo, Shibuya
 April 2012: Nanospace, Tokyo, Shinshicho
 May 2013: Le Saint-Opera

Live paintings

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